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Reserving a Kitten

We take special pride making sure each of our customers finds the perfect addition to their home.

  • 785-770-7471 call us with any questions
  • rustpeggy2@gmail.com
  • All kittens are registered with TICA
  • We require a $200 deposit to reserve a kitten deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to a different kitten.


Please add 4% when Reserving a kitten with paypal


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

We are now also also take deposits with Venmo.

Call with any questions 785-770-7471

Guidlines for when you take your new kitten home!

  • Fresh clean water at all time water fountains are great
  • They are using a litterbox before they leave but keeping the food and water close to the litter box reinforces where it is located
  • Do not give them string or yarn to play with as they will eat it
  • Some kittens will cry when adjusting to thier new homes it is normal and natural they are use to being with thier litter mates use the time to bond with your new family member. Be sure to give them a safe and secure small space when you are gone such as a bathroom so they are not so overwhelmed
  • Feel free to call with any questions (no question is a silly one) with the adjustment process we are happy to help 
  • Our kittens are socialized and used to being held  before leaving our house, it usually takes just a few days to adjust to thier new homes
  • Last but not least Enjoy your new family member!!!!